Logitech soundbar

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Logitech soundbar

You might be thinking of getting a new TVsoundbarmaybe even a new stereo system.

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However, if you want to control them all, as well as, say, a streaming stick or gaming system, and not have half a dozen remote controls cluttering your coffee table, you'll want to get one of these best universal remotes. With one, you can automate a number of tasks—such as turning on all the components, and having them change to the right settings—with a single button press.

However, when it comes to the best universal remotes, the choices are less than universal. It looks a little funky, but it's cheap, and we're curious to see how it works. In addition to physical buttons, it has a color touch screen from which you can quickly select a favorite channel.

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You can also create custom buttons, such as Watch a Movie, to automatically turn all your devices to the right settings.

The Elite works in conjunction with the Harmony Hub includedenabling you to hide electronics in a cabinet. It also works with several smart-home devices, including Philips Hue lights and the ecobee5 thermostat.

It can be connected with Amazon Alexa, so that you can issue Harmony Elite commands using nothing but your voice.

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It's one of the best Google Home compatible devicestoo. Read our full Logitech Harmony Elite review. A Best Buy exclusive, the Logitech Harmony has a small display which is not a touchscreen with buttons arrayed around it, letting you quickly access activities, favorite channels and more. On-screen help makes it fairly easy to troubleshoot any issues. Read our full Logitech Harmony review. While the Caavo Control Center can only control four devices at once, it separates itself from Harmony's remotes in that it offers a unified interface, through which you can search through content on any device, as well as a number of streaming services.

The Caavo remote has built-in voice search, and a unique section of lists of shows and movies curated by others—That's something Harmony doesn't have. Read our full Caavo Control Center review. Similar to the Harmony Elite, the Harmony Companion can also control smart-home devices in addition to your entertainment center.

It, too, comes with the Harmony Hub, allowing you to not only hide components, but also let you use Alexa to control your TV and more. Tom's Guide. Image credit: Logitech 1.

Aggregates content from all your devices into one interface. Topics Gadgets. See all comments 5. Well, I can't say I agree with your assessment. Spec-wise, the Harmony's are absolutely great, actual usage, not so much.

Is it possible to use a Logitech subwoofer with a Vizio soundbar?

The cloud based storage of the remotes is broken at the moment, you cannot change anything, but even when it's working, the software just isn't as good as the specs -- ever. Also why, oh why doesn't Logitech put real number keys on their upper end remotes?? I need an upper end remote because I have a lot of devices, but I totally hate the minimalist physical buttons. Truth be told, I don't know of anything better because all the review sites are enamored with the Harmony's, but I sure would like to hear of something!!

They have hard button remotes which are usually better for AV than a touchscreen but they have apps if you want to go that way too.

logitech soundbar

The programming software isn't easy to master for most people and isn't usually out there for the end user. You can customize the layout and set up macros in any way you like since the programming isn't on the cloud. You can teach commands from other remotes into your database. In the RTI you can even enter hex codes and set up auto repeats for commands that are fussy. Thanks, I'll have to take a look at those, though I really don't want to have to do raw programming on something for home!

I expect Logitech to get their software fixed eventually, but it sure seems like there's an opening for some competition in the home market.

If anyone finds one; let me know. There is custom pro setups costing in the thousands and then harmony atURC crap pisses me of because they offer no easy way to get the software.Need a pair of USB speakers to go everywhere your laptop goes?

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They also offer quality sound at a low price. Read on below to browse our picks for the best USB speakers for your laptop. They are plug and play, they have a clear sound, and they are inexpensive. These speakers are fairly compact at 4. They are made with sturdy plastic that resists fingerprints.

The right speaker has a USB cable to draw power from your computer, and a 3. Low-end frequencies are hard to recreate with small speakers, but these speakers use their downward-firing passive bass ports to round the sound out nicely.

The speakers have a high max volume, but they will distort if you bring them too close to the max. The Pebbles are compact and made from a durable plastic casing.

This is something basically every set of low-profile speakers should do as it is an easy way to increase projection. The speakers get decently loud on their own too. The sound is clear up to almost max volume, at which point you will experience some distortion.

The cables connecting them are somewhat flimsy but they provide enough length to configure them properly. The USB power and audio is a massive convenience for laptop users and anyone will appreciate the easy to access volume knob.

Overall, these are a top pick among USB speakers. This single speaker is low profile at 2. But its unique form factor is ultimately hit or miss. For instance, having to only carry around one speaker instead of a pair can be really handy. Whether or not its shape meets your needs, it offers some solid stereo separation and from such a small speaker bar. The main feature of the sound, though, is its clear high mids, which really drive the sound.

The highest and lowest frequencies feel slightly rounded off, but the sound is mostly balanced. The Elegiant Sound Bar also has headphone and microphone inputs for easier cable routing. The cables are a very average four feet, but because you might need to position this speaker differently from a 2.

This gripe aside, the build quality is solid all around. The speaker grill is sturdy and cool looking, and the case is magnetically shielded against digital interference.

Each speaker is 4.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. Support UI. X Donate Contact us. New posts Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies.

Question of the Week: What should people look for when upgrading their monitor s at home? Click here to ask away!

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Is it possible to use a Logitech subwoofer with a Vizio soundbar? Sidebar Sidebar. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. RonGalaxy Prominent. Aug 5, 1 0 0. I have Logitech z 2. The sound bar I'm looking at Vizio sbe6 seems like a good option, but it doesn't have a sub. I could shell out more money to get a compatible sub, but I figured I'd see if I can use the one I already have.

I should also mention that the soundbar does have a sub out port think it's standard RCA. So my question is if there's any way to get these things working together, and if so can I easily control bass levels? Aug 27, 14, 947, You can connect the sub out of the soundbar to the main input of the 2,1 system.

Connect the 2. Since your are only sending bass into it your should not hear anything or almost from the sats. You will need a cable that is compatible. You only have to connect to one channel of the 2. May 18, 52 0 0.

logitech soundbar

It should work the same way as the other soundbar and Logitech system. Set the level on the Logitech system once and use the controls on the Vizio remote. It's a little complex since you have multiple level controls.We purchase our own soundbars and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily.

No cherry-picked units sent by brands. You can generally expect a 5. Some 5. See our recommendations for the best soundbarsthe best budget soundbarsand the best Dolby Atmos soundbars. The best 5. It's a 5. Both the subwoofer and the bar itself feel quite well-made, with the bar being made of dense plastic with a metal grill, though unfortunately, the subwoofer is covered in fabric which could get dirty or rip.

The sound reproduction is quite well-balanced, and has a low LFE, ensuring good, thumping bass. Unfortunately, without the dedicated satellite speakers, the surround performance is sub-par, and while the bar has side-firing speakers, they don't do the best job at making sounds appear to come from beside or behind you. Unfortunately, if you have a 55" or smaller TV, it'll likely be difficult to fit this soundbar between your TV's stand, as it's very large. Overall, if you want a versatile and upgradable soundbar that provides a decent surround sound experience, but don't have room for the rear speakers, this is a great choice.

It might not be as well-built and doesn't get as loud, but the Vizio has dedicated rear speakers, which results in a slightly more immersive experience. However, note that you can buy separate satellite speakers for the Samsung as well. Nevertheless, the Vizio offers one of the best performance-to-price ratios from all soundbars we've tested.

There's also the bigger 46 inch Vizio SBF6which has two additional up-firing speakers for Atmos content. It's noticeably more expensive than the 36 inch model, but it can also be a good alternative if you enjoy watching movies. If you don't have the room for a subwoofer or a full surround soundbar 5. It doesn't come with a sub and rather has 13 speakers built-in its massive body, for a unique 5.

The system has a 3D mode that helps to create an immersive listening experience by making sounds come from around and over you. The bar can get very loud, which is great for movies, and it also supports pretty much every high-end audio format, regardless of the input you want to use.

The bar also comes with a microphone that can be used to apply corrections to the sound delivery based on your room. However, even if you like the idea of not having rear satellites or subwoofer, consider that this bar is rather big and heavy. You might have to wall-mount your TV and place the soundbar on a table underneath it, or it'll cover the bottom part of your screen. If you want a unique product that's impressive and will certainly get people asking questions, the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar is a good choice.

It won't result in very accurate localization of objects with surround content, but it does help create a more immersive feel that a typical 3. You'll still be able to watch different content such as TV shows and movies, as this soundbar has a fairly neutral and well-balanced sound profile.Please use a more current browser to view our site. Logitech speakers deliver premium sound. Whether you want to rock out or chill out, Logitech has the right speakers for you.

From crystal-clear sound to room-filling sound, you get premium better-than-the-computer audio. Speakers with a 3. Logitech features everything from high-end surround-sound speakers to easy, affordable stereo speakers.

With multiple ways to connect, Logitech wired and Bluetooth speakers are easy to set up and play in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, home office, and more.

Surround Sound Speakers

Various speakers connect via a 3. Logitech speakers can be used for just about anything, from work to your entertainment system. Use them to take your favorite movies, shows, or PC and console games to the next level.

With 5 speakers, surround sound speaker systems deliver immersive 3D-sound experiences in your home. THX certified speakers give you a big theater experience with powerful and lively sound. Logitech products boost not just your movie and music experience, but your PC gaming experience as well. With a surround-sound speaker system, you get the rich, detailed sound you need.

Versatile stereo speaker systems produce room-filling sound, and are able to suit entertainment systems, work setups, and more. A wide range of price points make stereo speakers a simple choice for a variety of uses. We are currently experiencing order processing delays of up to 14 days. Click for FAQs. Join our email list for latest tech and deals Click here.

Wireless Charging Wireless Phone Chargers. Streaming YouTube Twitch Streaming gear for gamers and creators. No results found No results found:" " Please try again.

logitech soundbar

Looking for more See all results:" " All Results. Speakers Speakers. Z Compact 2. Z 5. Don't miss a thing!Soundbars are recommended external speakers for your computer if you have a very small desk or prefer a more minimalist setup. They are compact sound systems that will easily fit under a monitor, with tidier cabling for a clutter-free desk.

They are also better than most built-in monitor speakers regarding overall sound quality, which is great if your monitor is your primary medium for entertainment i. Many soundbars are simply too big for a computer setup, mainly because soundbars are normally marketed for TVs and full-fledged home entertainment setups. This makes it more difficult to shop for the best soundbars for computers. Fortunately for you, we already got you covered on that front. It has a minimalist profile, with a headphones port on one side, integrated volume control on the other side, and no separate power switch.

It measures around 16 inches wide, which makes it suitable for pretty much all monitor sizes. You simply need to connect it to a USB port, which is a common feature among Dell office monitors. It has a built-in hook connector at the top for easy installation to compatible Dell monitors, which makes for a cleaner desk. It has a fairly decent sound quality for a low-end soundbar.

But if you want a sound system that has a deep bass or can get very loud, this product is not for you. Overall, the AC is a recommended budget option, especially if you own one of the compatible Dell monitors.

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At just The large volume knob is at the top while the headphones and mic ports are out front for easy access. You can use it for watching movies and listening to music while working. But for gaming and critical listening, you might want to look into more capable sound systems. Housed in an all-black frame, the Stage Air has a minimalist design, with the controls located on the right side for a cleaner front panel. This Creative soundbar is a versatile unit, featuring wired and wireless connectivity and an internal battery that can last up to six hours at moderate volumes.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the Stage Air is that it can function as a standalone music player. It has a USB port at the back where you can connect a thumb drive loaded with your favorite songs.

Overall, this Creative product offers excellent value for the money. If, however, you want a more powerful sound system, check out the more expensive Creative Stage instead. Selling for double the price of the Stage Air, the Stage is a 2.

At less than three inches tall, this TaoTronics soundbar will easily slide under your monitor, provided the monitor screen is not lowered to the minimum height. It has a slightly angled design, with the non-skid feet allowing it to sit securely on your desk. Composed of a power button and media controls, the circular control panel is located on the right side and is easy to access.

The TT-SK works well for general use, with decent sound quality for the price. An easy-setup soundbar, the Avantree Torpedo Plus is an exceptionally compact soundbar that measures just under 11 inches wide, which is perfect if you have a small desk with no room for satellite speakers on either side.

It packs a couple of 5-watt speakers and an internal battery that can last up to seven hours on a single charge — provided the volume is at 60 percent, according to the manufacturer. The Torpedo Plus has a triangular frame with the control panel on the right side, which is a common setup among soundbars. It offers both wired and wireless functionality, featuring both Bluetooth and an analog port for input.

You can easily connect it to your computer, along with your smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled sources. Concerning overall sound quality, the Torpedo Plus is decent and will work well for general use. It offers multiple sound modes, including a bass mode. There is a LED light on the right side of the front panel that glows a different color depending on the active sound mode, which is neat.

At around It offers multiple input options, including analog, USB, and Bluetooth, with the latter arguably being the most convenient.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Do you have a pile of remotes on your coffee table for each of the items in your home theater? The closer you follow these instructions to the letter, and in the proper order, the less chance you have of running into a problem. Their current lineup consists of:.

If you have smarthome devices, the Companion is okay, but the Ultimate One and Elite will be much more versatile thanks to their touch screens. You can probably save money by going with the Ultimate One, provided you can get over the weird button placement and less responsive touch screen. But most can only control one device at a time. Click it to add a new remote. MyHarmony will walk you through some of the initial setup. First, pick a place for your Harmony Hub to sit.

Next, MyHarmony will present you with a list of nearby Wi-Fi networks. Select the one you want to use to communicate with the Harmony Hub from the list, and click Next.

MyHarmony will search for and connect to your hub. I found that I had to go through this step on a laptop, connected to Wi-Fi, and sitting right next to my Harmony Hub in order for it to work properly. I recommend sticking with the desktop app for now. You can select them to add them to your remote, or do it manually later.

MyHarmony will ask you to enter the information for your first device. Next, MyHarmony will walk you through setting up your Activities. For this, we want to turn on our TV and our AV receiver. Click Next. MyHarmony will ask you which device you use to control the volume. If not, select your TV. This will be different for everyone, of course, and different for each activity. Otherwise, click Done.

The thing that really makes Harmony remotes worthwhile is the customization. With a few clicks, you can reassign any button to any function you want. It has the standard physical buttons play, pause, up down, menu, etc. Repeat this process for any functions you want buttons for on the remote.

Any functions in bold are unassigned, greyed-out functions are already assigned to a button. Press Go. MyHarmony will likely have added a few options to your screen already.

logitech soundbar

This screen may look a little different depending on the remote you have, but the process is the same for all remotes.


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